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Marion Brown
is the President of B&M Automation. Marion's background as a mechanical/ manufacturing engineer, has made B&M a leader in the sales and representation of automation components and systems.

Becky Brown is the Secretary/Treasurer of B&M and has been with Marion for over 15 years. Her duties are financial as well as maintaining liaisons with our customers and principles.


Our Company

In 1987 Marion Brown discovered a need for superior components
and technologies, more knowledgeable sales representatives, and
a comprehensive servicing of customer accounts. B&M Automation
Systems, Inc. was formed to fill that need.

Our Mission Statement

To provide customers with the highest quality automation components
and system solutions where we can be proud of the integrity and quality
of each product sold. Additionally, offering superior customer service
throughout all phases of the product, always remembering that each
customer may be a tremendous source of referral business to our

Our Products

The products B&M represent are made of the highest quality materials
available. B&M will not sell inferior products!




B&M Automation Systems, Inc.
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